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Hi, welcome to Su's Cakes for Kicks

Thanks for dropping by.

This website is an up-to-date guide about who we are, our cakes and a host of other notables. We are essentially an online business offering tantalizingly delicious home-made cakes. Our cakes are sold exclusively from our home bakery (orders placed via internet or phone) and delivered directly to your doorstep* FREE. 

Cheese cakes in particular are what we've been known for. We also have quite a delectable range of oven-baked cakes. Our cakes are suitable for any occasions - be it anniversaries, celebrations, birthdays, special events or even as a thoughtful gift to a loved one. Don't forget, our cakes can be served during tea and dinner parties, office gatherings or simply as an after-meal dessert. We also believe our cakes are the perfect companion for any romantic couples over a weekend DVD movie in the evening. Come to think about it, our cakes really do fit in anywhere.

Do take some time to browse through this site and we hope you will find our website pleasant and helpful. If at any time you'd prefer to speak to a real person about our cakes call us on 016-2333948 or 012-2029309. Alternatively email us at . We'd love to hear from you.

God Bless.


*subject to conditions and appplicable to certain nearby locations only 


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"This website is dedicated to the memory of Ching-Hang, our unborn child whom we entrust into the hands of our Lord Jesus"
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